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Welcome to A Vision Into You &
The Peace and Light Mystery School
My name is Jim Herman and this site is dedicated to helping you get the help you need for ALL medical challanges as well as answers to questions you may have through the use of my ability as a medical intuitive.
What I Do
I am Certified as a Medical Intuitive and Instructor, a DNA Activator and Genetic Reprogrammer and an Anchor Thought Re-patterning practicioner. I am also certified as a Theta Healing and Reiki Practicioner and working toward certification in Quantum Touch. I am a Spiritual Medium as well as a Handwriting Analyst. I use all my abilities for the purpose of learning what may be causing you to be ill. I do not diagnose illness but I see the condition/s that may be making you feel ill. I then recommend a course of action that will include an anchor thought re patterning session and genetic reprogramming work that replaces the emotions that may cause disease. This is followed by energy work such as Reiki, Theta or Quantum Touch and possibly suggestions to seek changes in your diet including taking supplements.  I also recommend  a follow-up by your regular doctor if you have one for monitoring the healing progress of your health challenge.
I see into the body in a way that I would best describe as an x-ray image. Parts of the body that are not well or in pain show up as various colors against a black outline of the human form. During a reading, I get information about the person that may tell me what is causing the illness or pain. The source may be physical such as an accident or injury, stress or diet, or it may be spiritual and emotional and/or genetic.  I then clear the negative emotions, that may be the foundation to disease, at 4 levels. Once the emotional clearings and replacements are done, I begin energy work using a blending of Theta and Quantum Touch to start the physical body moving forward to self healing. I may also discuss environmental issues during and after the session that may contribute to the the health challange a person has. This allows the body to have the best opportunity it can have to heal from such challenges.  I also recommend  follow-up visits to your doctor so that he/she can monitor your progress.
Who I Am
My name is Jim Herman and my background is not in medicine but I am partnering with physicians, energy workers and homeopathic practitioners so that people can get the proper help for their condition. The certification I received  means that I had to successfully complete education which included reading volunteers and determining what conditions they were challenged with. The results of the volunteer's reading was then compared to their medical records for concurrence.
My ability to see into the body came to me suddenly one summer evening while my wife was talking to a friend on the phone about her father-in-law. I saw a condition of disease of the heart and a number 87. Once we met up with them , I asked what had happened to her father-in-law and how old he is. The answer was: Congestive heart failure and he is 87. Needless to say I was very surprised as well as curious about this.  I began to research this and found that there are others that have similar ability. I practiced scanning members of my family and friends, that gave me permission, to help me understand what I was seeing and correlate it to the symptoms they were experiencing.  I can also see the energy systems of the body such as the Aura and Chakras.  I get information about the condition of their energy flow and issues they may have relating to the cause of the condition or block. I use this information to council with them and if needed, I recommend session work to clear the emotional issues that caused the challenge I see.
What I do is scan the body and energy system including, if guided, the seven primary chakras to see the physical and emotional issues a person may have. I do this in person or from a remote location. There are no distance or location restrictions for my ability. If in person, I show you what I see based on an anatomical chart and talk to you about this possible condition.  I then do emotional clearing for the condidtion or challenge followed by a blend of Quantum Touch and Theta healing (energy work). I then give recommendations for the next step which will normally be a suggestion for you to see your physician.  I may also suggest going to a health food store to get supplements you need.
Some people come to me for piece of mind that they or their children are healthy.   Some come to me to see if their pets are healthy and some come to me to get release of emotional challenges.  I do not make diagnoses. I tell you what I see and recommend a path to take to get proper care. The next step is up to you.
My gift and healing ability comes from God, the supreme source of all that is. If this is uncomfortable for you then substitute what ever you call the Divine. If you do not believe in God then that's OK as well. This still works.
If you would like to schedule a phone session or personal session you can do so by contacting me. (click here "Contact Us").   If a session is by phone, I require confirmation of the purchase through Paypal before the scheduled session. Most major credit cards are accepted by Paypal. For the session, call me at the number on the "Contact Us" page at your scheduled time. Please see the "Purchase a Session" page for rates and options.
Professional caregivers, please contact me  for pricing. "Contact Us"
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